Today, we are sharing an interview with Kazem Dalili Khanghah, the latest addition to the FRONTIErS Doctoral Network. In this interview, we’ll explore Kazem’s motivations for joining FRONTIErS DN, the driving force behind his research, and the collaborative efforts shaping the success of this innovative program. Join us for a glimpse into the world of cutting-edge research and the vision for a greener, sustainable future.

Can you provide a brief introduction of yourself and your project within the FRONTIErS DN?

I am Kazem Dalili Khanghah, born in Astara near the Caspian Sea. With a bachelor’s in Civil Engineering and a master’s in Hydraulic Structures from Iran, I moved to Europe to pursue my career goal of contributing to a green world. Recently graduating in Offshore Engineering from the University of Bologna, I specialized in Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations (OWTFs) and Offshore Geotechnics.

What motivated you to apply to FRONTIErS DN?

I am eager to learn through hands-on research, especially in areas applicable to industry. With my academic focus on OWTFs, I believe the FRONTIErS program can help me become a skilled researcher in this field.

What drives your passion for the work you have done so far and the work you will do within FRONTIErS?

In my first master’s degree, I researched the hydraulic behavior of spillways in dams using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software. Additionally, in my second master’s degree, I gained expertise in Offshore Geotechnics and Foundations.
Currently, my project involves integrating these two fields, focusing on analyzing scour development around Gravity Based (GB) foundations and design a optimized protection system. This combination requires knowledge in both Geotechnics and Hydrodynamics, providing a satisfying realization that everything I have learned is directly applicable to this project.

How do you believe collaboration enhances the effectiveness of FRONTIErS DN?

The Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations (OWTFs) industry faces various challenges that demand anticipation and resolution. The FRONTIErS program notably addresses some of these challenges. Through collaboration, networking, and knowledge exchange among us Doctoral Candidates (DNs), there is a valuable opportunity for mutual learning. Moreover, fostering collaboration between academia and industry can enhance the efficiency of solving industry problems.

Can you share any personal stories or experiences that have shaped your decision to apply?

In my last year of studies in Italy, I was uncertain about choosing between a Ph.D. program and a research position in a company. The FRONTIErS program caught my eye, offering the opportunity to explore both paths at once. Although I applied to other positions, because of this story, none seemed as attractive to me as FRONTIErS.

What are your future goals and aspirations as a member of the FRONTIErS DN?

Passionate about a green world, I am dedicated to contributing to this goal. Working at Esteyco, renowned for its innovative patents, assures me that my research can be useful in the industry. Addressing scouring challenges with GB foundations, collaboration with Esteyco and UPC experts is key to achieving practical solutions.

How do you envision your role evolving and contributing to the FRONTIErS DN success?

I am one of eleven Doctoral Candidates (DNs), and I am aware that my fellow candidates are exceptionally talented and motivated. Together, we aim to make the FRONTIErS project a memorable milestone in the history of our field. Driven by my passion, I am committed to giving my utmost effort and working diligently to contribute to the success of this endeavor.

How do you anticipate your MSCA fellowship will impact your broader career aspirations?

A vital aspect of a successful career is having a strong network, and the MSCA-DN is designed to support this. This fellowship not only provides essential skills but also helps me build connections for the future. It ensures that I become a researcher with practical experience, not just theoretical knowledge from books!

What message or key takeaway would you like to convey to the public about FRONTIErS?

FRONTIErS is among various projects in the offshore wind sector focused on renewable energy. Together with my fellows, we aim to prevent the world from turning BLACK. I encourage everyone to contribute and play their part in fostering a GREEN world.

Can you provide insights or advice for individuals interested in pursuing similar programs and fellowships?

Whether you are an academic or an experienced professional in the industry, MSCA fellowships are tailored for individuals like you. If you come across such an opportunity, do not think too much, seize it!

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