Foundations For Offshore Wind Turbines

The offshore wind sector has experienced rapid growth in recent years, with new turbine technologies, increased sizes and construction locations further from the shore in deeper waters than ever before. A critical challenge for future developments is the lack of knowledge surrounding how to design foundations to support these turbines, with the safety, life-span, cost and environmental implications coming increasingly into question. 
To maintain Europe’s stance as a world-leader in offshore wind, Foundations foR Offshore wiNd TurbInES (FRONTIErS) Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Doctoral Network has been designed to bring together research intensive universities and major industry stakeholders to train the next generation of graduates with the appropriate skills to tackle the emerging issues presenting as a barrier to continued development of the sector. 11 talented Early-Stage Researchers will undergo training via individual guided research projects, network-wide discipline-specific and transferrable training events, and local training at each host, over a 36- month PhD programme. ESRs will receive training in innovation, communication, commercialisation and entrepreneurship as well as undertaking specific modules in business development to arm them with the requisite all-round skills to excel in academic or industry careers.

A tailored dissemination strategy will govern outputs and ensure that the research reaches wider audiences, both scientific and public, through a variety of media. The secondment strategy is designed to expose ESRs to both academic and industry environments to foster an appreciation for the requirements of each sector and to enable research translation. Where an ESR’s research makes an appropriate contribution to its field of science, the candidate will be awarded a doctorate degree from one of four world-leading academic institutions partaking in the programme. FRONTIErS will create the next generation of high-skilled professionals, who will be in high-demand in this expanding sector.

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