Zhaoyao Wang

I previously graduated from Ocean University of China focusing on the offshore foundations, and my research topics include pile-soil interaction, local scour and soil improvement around pile foundations. Now I am a PhD fellow at Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI) in Oslo, working on a project named “MONODYN” within the FRONTIErS MSCA DN. The project will develop a CPT-based multi-spring model for analysing the monotonic response of large diameter monopiles and extend it for dynamic analysis incorporating scour effects.


A Masing’s based CPT dynamic model for large-diameter monopiles incorporating scour effects
This project will further develop a novel CPT-based multi-spring model for analysing the monotonic response of large-diameter monopiles and extend it to modelling dynamic soil-pile interaction under scour. The model comprising p-y, m-theta, base shear and moment springs will utilise cone penetration test data (CPT) to inform backbone curves for Masing-type hysteresis. Further refinement of the small-strain regime will be provided by in-situ and laboratory measurements of Gmax. The predicted dynamic behavior will be benchmarked/validated using centrifuge testing of long-run cyclic experiments. The model will then be extended to capture scour effects, whereby the overburden reductions due to scour will be modelled as a change in the ultimate resistance of the respective backbone curves for each spring type. This will then be validated using centrifuge modelling of scoured piles performed at the University of Nottingham. Supporting element laboratory testing will be incorporated through ongoing work at NGI in Oslo.
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