Marc Montserrat

I am a Civil Engineer and I have worked on calculations for steel towers and their foundations against wind loading. My PhD subject thesis will be about Robust foundation modelling accounting for varying soil conditions over an offshore turbine lifetime.

I am interested in research and development.

I felt that my knowledge of steel structures was quite good and I wanted to broaden my horizons and start to learn more about foundations.

Since I already have some work experience, I think that doing a PhD in an industry stakeholder together is a good fit for me.


Robust foundation modelling accounting for time and spatially-varying soil conditions over a turbine lifetime

This project will investigate the effect of temporal and spatial variability in ground conditions on the 3D structural behavior of jackets and monopiles. Two industrial cases will be explored, the first one deals with the uncertainty in the depth of different stratified layers which can lead (for jacket substructures) to differences in behavior of adjacent jacket legs and thus can increase fatigue damage. The second case deals with time-varying oscillations in seabed (global scour) which change the level of the mudline over the lifetime of a turbine exacerbating fatigue. The project will be achieved by developing a robust methodology to account for these two effects.

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