Juan Sebastian Delgado Trujillo

I’m a civil engineer specialising in structural dynamics, numerical modelling, and nonlinear analysis. The project aims to extend FEM updating techniques to nonlinear and mass and damping estimation.

I truly believe that wind energy is crucial for sustainable development: nonetheless, there are many challenges to solve. FRONTIErS program is a great opportunity to apply my abilities and expertise in the development of alternative energy sources.


Estimation of added soil mass and damping for offshore wind turbines
In this project, recently developed Finite-Element model updating approaches that estimate soil mass contribution to dynamic motion of piles will be extended to estimating mass and damping in the nonlinear response range. The influence of added soil mass is often ignored in simplified dynamic soil-structure interaction models, due to difficulties in estimating its contribution to the dynamic motion. Soil is often assumed to only provide a stiffness. Moreover, quantifying the damping behaviour of various geo-materials remains a challenge. The existing FE updating procedure can only be applied to data for small-strain (linear) vibrations and only focusses on mass and stiffness updating. The DC will expand the approach to the nonlinear (large-strain) range of cyclic motions and estimate mass, (operational) stiffness and damping using centrifuge modelling of piles subjected to dynamic loading and the development of representative numerical models of these systems. These models will be updated (mass, damping, stiffness) based on the response features from the test piles.
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