Meet Anteneh Masresha, PhD candidate within the FRONTIErS DN (Doctoral Network). In this interview, Anteneh shares his motivations for joining FRONTIErS DN, his passion for geotechnical engineering, and his aspirations for making a significant impact in the world of offshore wind foundation engineering.

Can you provide a brief introduction of yourself and your project within the FRONTIErS DN?

I am Anteneh Masresha, a 31-year-old Civil/Geotechnical Engineer from Ethiopia. I hold a Master of Science in Geotechnical Engineering from Addis Ababa Institute of Technology and have been working as an Engineering Team Leader for the Ethiopian Roads Administration.

I have recently started a Ph.D. candidate position at NTNU for a project within Frontiers DN. My research project is “MULTI-LOAD” Influence of multi-directional loading on stiffness and strength degradation under monotonic and cyclic conditions for monopoles which involves numerical and experimental modeling to understand the behavior of monopile foundations under such loadings. The project will additionally explore the load-interaction effects for a range of emerging monopile geometries.

What motivated you to apply to FRONTIErS DN?

I always want to enhance the quality of my technical skills and knowledge at all levels to contribute to meaningful innovations. The goal of the FRONTIErS project, problem-solving research with diverse training in academic and industry requirements, perfectly aligns with my desires and strongly motivates me to apply.

What drives your passion for the work you have done so far and the work you will do within FRONTIErS?

The opportunity, in FRONTIErS, to tackle challenges in the development of our world has highly inspired me. Being part of a team that is committed to research and knowledge development greatly drives my passion for the work I will undertake within FRONTIErS.

How do you believe collaboration enhances the effectiveness of FRONTIErS DN?

The Collaboration in FRONTIErS DN brings professionals together with different skills, knowledge, and perspectives. When these diversities come together, they can enhance the problem-solving capabilities of the project team, leading to more innovative solutions.

Can you share any personal stories or experiences that have shaped your decision to apply?

During my stay in the design management department of my former organization, the Ethiopian Roads Administration, I was involved in designing long submerged piers and piles for a 360-meter bridge that spans an artificial lake behind a hydroelectric dam. I was highly interested in the challenges encountered during the design process. This experience has inspired me to specialize in pile design and related research and decided to apply for the FRONTIErS project.

What are your future goals and aspirations as a member of the FRONTIErS DN?

As part of the FRONTIErS DN, I am committed to making a significant impact by means of contributing to solutions while expanding my knowledge and technical skills. I also aspire to establish valuable connections with professionals in the geotechnical engineering field.

How do you envision your role evolving and contributing to the FRONTIErS DN success?

I envision myself contributing to the success of FRONTIErS DN by conducting meaningful research, collaborating to solve emerging issues, and addressing critical challenges in the Offshore Wind Foundation Engineering.

How do you anticipate your MSCA fellowship will impact your broader career aspirations?

Engaging in such projects with the aim of solving real-world challenges will certainly enhance my career development in knowledge, experience, and technical skills. Furthermore, being part of this prestigious fellowship program can also facilitate network building and recognition of my career.

What message or key takeaway would you like to convey to the public about FRONTIErS?

FRONTIErS is an excellent platform for the advancement of offshore wind engineering by coordinating professionals and facilitating training and research to develop better foundation solutions for the future.

Can you provide insights or advice for individuals interested in pursuing similar programs and fellowships?

FRONTIErS is the right place for professionals, especially geotechnical engineers, who want to contribute to the sustainable development of our world while enhancing their careers.

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